Food Labelling – Food Safety’s Neglected Younger Sibling

At the beginning of February, CBC News wrote about an investigation undertaken by the TV show Marketplace, that uncovered that Maple Leaf Foods had been violating Canada’s laws and regulations concerning food labelling. Some processed meat from the company’s Natural Selections line was tested in a lab and found to contain an ingredient that had the same bio-chemical identity as a nitrite. Trouble was, the package indicated, loud and clear, that there were ‘no preservatives added’. A nitrite is most definitely a preservative. One of the key pieces of legislation that governs food labelling in Canada is The Food and … Continue reading

The Canadian Food Summit, From a Food Lawyer’s Perspective

Last week I attended the two-day Canadian Food Summit, put on by the Conference Board of Canada (CBOC). In 2010, the CBOC launched the Centre for Food in Canada, with a twofold mandate:  to increase public awareness of the food sector in Canada, and to work towards building a Canadian Food Strategy. The Summit was the first attempt to bring together people working in all corners of the food sector:  big food, small food, processors, producers, farmers, food safety folks, community initiatives, those working in supply chain management, non-profits, and even a few lawyers. It’s not often, at least in … Continue reading

Don Staniford on BC Salmon Farming: Defamer or Truth-Teller?

The Supreme Court of British Columbia is currently hearing a case that some have referred to as a classic David and Goliath battle: Mainstream Canada, BC’s second-largest salmon company, is suing Don Staniford, an environmental activist, for defamation. About a year ago, Staniford launched a provocative campaign entitled ‘Salmon Farming Kills’. The campaign’s imagery was fashioned after the warnings on cigarette packs, and included phrases like ‘Salmon Farms are Cancer’ and ‘Salmon Farming Causes Disease’. Court documents indicate that Mainstream is seeking $100,000 in general damages, $25,000 in punitive damages, and an injunction to permanently stop Staniford from defaming Mainstream, … Continue reading