Carly Dunster Law provides legal advice and consulting services to food entrepreneurs, food initiatives, and restaurant start-ups. The firm also acts as an advocate for small food producers, local farmers, and those working towards building a healthier and more innovative food sector.


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What I Talk About When I Talk About Food Law

  This post likely should have been my first Carly Dunster Law blog post, but I think it’s as important to write it now as it ever was. Whenever I tell someone that I practice food law (and no, it’s not “food law”; a proper term requires no quotations around it, ahem), there are the inevitable questions:  “A food lawyer? What do you do? Is it like:  these nachos are soggy, call Carly Dunster!” Or, still not what I’m trying to get at with the practice but a little better, “If I get sick at [insert fast food chain], should … Continue reading

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